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Silvia Corzo Fan Club - El sitio de encuentro para los admiradores de la presentadora colombiana Silvia Corzo

25 de agosto de 2005

Who is Silvia Corzo?

Silvia CorzoSilvia Milena Corzo Pinto (born October 30th, 1973 in Bucaramanga) is a Colombian lawyer, journalist and newscaster.

Her parents are Mario Corzo and Irene Pinto. After finishing high school, Silvia studied at the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, where she majored in Law. In 1995, during her fifth and final year of college, her family signed her up for the Señorita Santander ("Miss Santander") beauty contest, where she was the second runner-up. She considers that if she had won, she wouldn't have finished her college studies, but would have become a model, an actress or a housewife.

According to her, she has always fancied working in the media and, although she has worked as a lawyer, she prefers human rights issues because she doesn't consider herself good at litigating.

After graduating from college, Silvia hosted a radio show about human rights on the Universidad Industrial de Santander station, while working at the Bucaramanga branch of the Defensoría del Pueblo (namely the Ombudsman office). In February 1997, she started to host a television program on Comuneros TV, currently known as Telesantander (a local channel).

Once she had got married with Hernando Toro, who is also a lawyer, she moved to Cali, where she worked at the Contraloría (State Comptroller office) of that city. At the same time, she hosted the Noticiero del Pacífico on Telepacífico on weekends.

A new transfer of her husband took her to Bogotá. Since December 16th, 2002 to April 28th, 2011, she was one of the lead newscasters at Caracol Noticias (a Colombian national-wide TV news show), where she also managed –until early 2007– its health segments, previously in charge by Claudia Palacios, who is currently working at CNN en Español. Since June 2007 to April 2011, Corzo co-hosted the 60 Minutes-like newsmagazine Séptimo día, with Manuel Teodoro. Besides, Silvia was also in charge of the weather forecast on the morning edition. After the quit of D'Arcy Quinn, Corzo assumed as anchorwoman of Codigo Caracol, a special section of the prime-time edition focused on politics. Also, she led a section on weekend's edition named En todo su Derecho, on legal issues and answering questions sent by the viewers. In March 2010, she replaced Jorge Alfredo Vargas and hosted El Radar (a late-night program of interviews on politics and current topic), for some days. Simultaneously to all these activities, she worked as legal adviser of Canal Caracol.

In 2004 she was nominated as the Female News Personality of the Year at the Premio INTE, because of her warmness and reliability. In 2005 she was awarded with the Premio Canal Caracol to the best female newscaster. In December 2006 she received the Orquídea award to the best female newsreader in Miami. In 2007, Silvia was tributed with a special award in the Premios de Periodismo Simón Bolívar for her chronicle about sewage cleaning workers in Bogotá, named "En los Zapatos de un Limpiador de Alcantarillas". Besides, she was honored with the prize MujeresTag Heuer Belleza y Fortaleza Colombia 2007.

Ms. Corzo lives in Bogotá with her son, Pablo Toro, son of her first husband, from which she divorced in 2004. On December 14th 2006, she got married in civil ceremony with Andrés Mora, former co-ordinator of weekend newscasts on GenTV channel. Mr. Mora was at that time the director of the Noticiero de las Siete (Weekend TV news show on Canal Uno, a national and public channel). They divorced in 2008. Since 2007, Silvia has been an eager activist of the campaigns supported by local associations like Liga contra el Cancer, in order to prevent and fight breast cancer. One of the most important events of this initiative is the so-called Partido por la Vida (literally "The Match for Life"), a futsal game played by famous Colombian women from politics, arts and show business.

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